Nothing but a Sailor

How can you run away from the power of feelings, when your heart is deaf to reason? The moment fate puts Jack in Alyce’s way, nothing can stop them from giving in to passion… But he is a pirate, and she belongs to another man. Boarding, escapes, and battles in the 17th century Caribbean, between an exciting present and a threatening past that comes back to obscure the sun.

The Bandit From Corte

Corte, Corsica. 1772. Not everything is as it appears. When Sebastiano kidnaps Cecilia from the carriage of Captain Picard, he believes her to be a traitor, and the mistress of a Frenchman. Hatred devours him, memories of a painful past haunt him, but it will be the truth that finally gives a new purpose to his life. A trip through the feelings of the human heart and through Corsica, a country conquered by the Kingdom of France, towards rediscovering happiness and oneself...

Paradise Valley

Jonathan Shelley is a Lakota half-breed who, to run from the painful memories of his past, leaves the Great Sioux Reserve and returns to Montana, where the land his father left him awaits. There he finds his family and friends, among who is Abigail Foster, the girl he will fall in love with. Theirs is a difficult love story: the town’s judgment forces the girl to decide to keep their relationship secret and Jonathan’s mixed blood is shameful to her, although her love for him is true.

It will be Abigail’s insecurities that will mar their love story. Jealousy and pride will keep them apart, stronger than the love that unites them…

An historical romance trilogy set in the late 19th-century American West, at the end of the cowboys’ golden era.